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Transforming animal welfare one person and one neighborhood at a time.

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When we think of animal welfare and dogs, we think rescue. The Inner Pup (TIP) is not a rescue. TIP is actively working to fix animal welfare for the next generation through education, community engagement and better access to veterinary care, all prevention-based programs. We are a resource for New Orleans pet owners and we are developing a safety-net so that no family or pet falls through the cracks. We're proud of our growing number of ambassadors and volunteers. Our goal is for community self-reliance, which can best be attained by community-wide support of community needs. This involves also learning about resources beyond TIP and being part of a network to share these resources within the community. We are transforming animal welfare one person, and one neighborhood at a time. We stretch your financial gifts to expand our programs to reach every single pet-owning home.